Scholarship Programme

Empowering and supporting girls with dreams

Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy (PPBA), a Trailblazer in Indian Badminton since 1994, is pleased to announce that it has launched a unique sports scholarship programme for promising and upcoming badminton players, with the primary focus on girls.

This programme is being launched by PPBA, thanks to the initiative of R Systems International Limited, a specialized IT Services & Solutions provider, founded and headed by Mr. Satinder Singh Rekhi as its CSR commitment to promote Olympic Sports. R Systems has global presence having offices in USA, India and several other countries across the world. This scholarship has been designed specifically to encourage young girls to excel at the international levels in the game, by providing them a monthly scholarship stipend to help take care of their badminton related coaching and training expenses including their requirements for kit, diet, etc. The entire process of selection, training, monitoring of this scholarship programme and its overall implementation will be carried out by PPBA.

PPBA will initially focus on helping select promising players under the age of 15 (and, preferably Under 13) based on merit, who will be awarded a scholarship for a period of 12 months. Based on the performance of the player during the scholarship period, the scholarship may further be extended at the discretion of PPBA and the sponsors.

The scholarship programme is off to a good start with the selection of 2 girls from Uttarakhand who have been selected for this programme from July 2017 onwards. With the backing of R Systems, PPBA’s goal is to offer up to 10 such scholarships over a period of time. Though this programme is primarily aimed at encouraging more girls to aspire to reach the highest levels of the game, exceptionally talented boys may also be considered for the scholarship program.

For more information, please contact Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy in Bangalore by email at